Grooming is a complex of cosmetic and special care services aimed at keeping the animals’ coats clean and neat – from cats or dogs to horses.

Despite the fact that the people started looking after the pets quite a long time ago, grooming itself appeared much later than the legs of a first Egyptian cat had been washed.

Since the end of the eighteenth century, the grooming movement started to flourish. All wealthy people of that time considered neatly trimmed and well-groomed pets to be a sign of their social status. Since then, the popularity of this service has been constantly increasing.

стрижка собак

Main reasons for grooming:

  • health – helps the pet’s skin and coat remain healthy and clean;
  • beauty – special show hairstyles will make your pet stand out of the crowd;
  • the first reason is obviously the most important one. You ensure your pet’s health for a relatively small amount of money.
  • Every dog and cat needs grooming. Even long-haired ones, or if you let the pet’s hair grow for some certain reason, there are still some areas that must be taken care of:
  • Ear hair;
  • Face hair trimming;
  • Nail filing;
  • Genitalia;
  • Paw hair.

салон груминга

Grooming is essential for long-haired breeds of dogs, especially in the hot season. If you do not look after the pet’s coat, the heat turns into a real torment for him/her and the dog is more likely to contract skin diseases. If you don’t want this to happen – let us take care of your dog at Dog City!

Grooming services and benefits at Dog City:

  • High-quality grooming equipment from Europe;
  • Professional certified groomers;
  • An individual approach to each coat type;
  • Model haircuts;
  • Haircuts for dog shows;
  • One-of-a-kind haircuts;
  • Haircut of your choice;
  • Filing claws;
  • Affordable prices.

груминг собак

Grooming for dogs and cats in Kyiv has become even easier with Dog City. This is a necessary procedure to keep your pet clean and healthy. There is no need to house call the groomer and then waste time on clean-up. Grooming pets at our Dog City center is much more convenient. Besides, the pet usually behaves well in an unfamiliar environment.

груминг кошек и котов

All you have to do is to deliver your pet to us. You don’t have to wait all this time –instead, you can devote this time to yourself. A beautiful and well-groomed pet will be noticed by everyone around. One-of-a-kind haircut designed by you will reflect your attitude to your pet. Taking care of your pets is easy with Dog City!

So welcome to the versatile world of grooming, we will be happy to help you!

Should you have any questions, contact us or leave a request on the website. Our managers will contact you and answer all your questions.

GroomingPrice TOP groomerPrice TOP pro groomer
Haircut, bathing, brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning
American cocker spaniel9501100
English cocker spaniel9501100
Bichon frise9001000
Maltese dog and bolonka/ color750850
Maltese dog and bolonka/ color AZIA850950
Golden retriever13001500
Yorkshire terrier / Biver york750850
Yorkshire terrier /  Biver york  AZIA850950
Chinese powder puff dog750850
Maltipu Standart9001000
Toy Poodle800950
Miniature Poodle9001050
Standart Poodle13001500
Russian spaniel9501100
Longhaired Chihuahua600700
Shih Tzu9501000
Spitz pomeranian800900
*Hygienic haircut -150 UAH from a pedigree haircut
Stripping wire coated 
Haircut, bathing, brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning
1 hour300 UAH350  UAH
Cat grooming 
Haircut + bathing*
Shorthair850  UAH
Longhair750  UAH
Main coon1000  UAH
*Haircuts are for veterinary use only
Додаткова вартість 
Aggressive behaviour+ 20 – 50%
Dematting250  UAH / hour250  UAH / hour
Exhibition preparation+300 – 500 UAH
Creative coloring 
Ears / ponytail100  UAH100  UAH
Ears + ponytail150  UAH150  UAH
Body painting400  UAH / hour400  UAH / hour
Shaving body patterns300  UAH / hour300  UAH / hour
Glitter tattoo50 – 100  UAH50 – 100  UAH



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