A dog is like a child in every sense of the word. Just like children, puppies need to be educated and taken care of from the very first days of their lives to adapt to the outside world, and when they grow up, they require care and socializing around the clock.

садик для щенков и собак киев

That is why Dog City has established its own daycare center for adult dogs and puppies – a perfect place for your puppy to learn being social and grow into a clever adult dog, and if you have an adult dog already, it will get a necessary amount of training, activities and interaction with other animals. It’s like a school for kids, the only difference is that the students here are your pets.

зоосадик для животных

Adult dog daycare

Being busy with our daily routine, we do sometimes forget about our faithful barking buddies. As a result of the lack of communication, fresh air and exercise, the dogs suffer from different disorders:

  • They start howling, which affects not only you, but your neighbors as well;
  • They start to chew on everything they see – say goodbye to your brand new and expensive furniture;
  • They get depressed simply because they are bored.

If you pay little attention to the training of your dog (and dogs are known to have a quick and analytical mindset) and often leave the dog alone at home, it will cause a risk of your dog’s destructive behavior.

However, you can avoid that if you bring your dog to our daycare!

уход полного дня за животными в Киеве на ВДНХ

What kind of dogs need the daycare?

The answer is short – all of them! However, some dogs require it more than others. We are talking about large and medium breeds of dogs, which were originally bred for work. These dogs have a greater need for physical activity and interaction with other tail-waggers than others.

дневная передержка ВДНХ

If you want to come home after work every day and enjoy fun time playing with your four-legged friend instead of having to take him/her for a walk, and then clean up the mess – our dog daycare is what you need.

At dog daycare your dog will get:

  • Exciting experience socializing with new furry friends;
  • Various active educational games all day long;
  • Well-balanced diet;
  • Comfortable environment.

As a result, by the end of the day you will get a completely satisfied, in every sense, dog that does not need to be walked or even fed. All you have to do is to relax and just enjoy your pet’s love and gratitude.

где оставить собаку на день киев

What is a puppy daycare?

This is a combination of day care and training for puppies. Just bring your puppy to our daycare center and leave everything else to the professionals of Dog City.

The puppy will play and frolic in the company of other puppies as well as have a proper rest, regular meals and training. All this is happening under the supervision of our staff.

The daycare program for each dog (puppy) is prepared individually, depending on its intensity and duration.

During the time spent at the Dog City daycare, your pet will learn all the necessary skills:

детский сад для собаксад для домашних животныхуход за собакой

  • to go potty outside;
  • to walk on a leash;
  • basic commands;
  • will complete a course of socialization and adaptation in the company of other dogs;
  • the dog can be taught other commands (upon the owner’s request) outside the scope of the training program.

садик для домашних животных киев ВДНХ

Dog City Daycare is a great opportunity for your dog to receive proper rest, care and food to live a healthy, happy life, and for a puppy – to grow into a smart, reliable, and obedient companion dog. And for you it’s a wonderful opportunity to forget about the damaged furniture, corners and wallpapers. And most importantly – you won’t have to worry about anything, because we will do all the work on training your puppy! And we will do it with all our passion. Moreover, in case you miss your four-legged friend, you can always see what he/she is doing through the special online web cameras.

детский сад для домашних животных

IMPORTANT: Dog need to have vaccinations DHPPi + R + L +KC. The administration of the center reserves the right to prohibit admission of the dog.

Dog DaycarePrice
1-Day PassUAH 600
Half Day Pass (4 hours)UAH 400
*Working hours 8:30 – 18:30
Special offer! Monthly subscription
5 Day Passes (-5%)UAH 2850
10 Day Passes (-10%)UAH 5400
15 Day Passes (-15%)UAH 7650
Special offer
Discount for the second same family dog-25%
Puppies under 6 months old-10%




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