Dog training is a complicated and time-consuming process that requires profound knowledge of cynology and animal psychology. Dog City Center offers dog training services using unique Western methods.

Surely, you can train a dog yourself, too, without the help of experts, but it is incredibly difficult. It takes you and your dog much time and energy, and no guarantee to achieve the results. So the better option is to leave it to professionals who will make your pet a faithful, reliable and well-educated companion.

дрессировка собаки

Dog City Training Center offers:

  • dog training under the guidance of an experienced dog handler;
  • individual dog training with the owner supervised by a dog handler;

Basic commands in dog training:

  • Sit – one of the most common and necessary commands;
  • Down – the dog is easily taught this command, although it is not used very often;
  • Heel – an essential every day command;
  • Come – another very important command often used by the owners;
  • Stop – this command is simply necessary;
  • Wait – few people know, but this is the basis for dog training; without this command all further training is much more complicated;
  • Fetch – a useful command, when you throw something and expect to get it back;
  • Stay is another useful command when going out with the dog among the people;
  • Place is the last command here, but not least.

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How much time does it take to train a dog?

It depends – again, all dogs are different.

Dog training in the Dog City center is based on modern training methods that are the least traumatizing for the dog and give the maximum effect.

One lesson lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour. This time is considered the most effective for the dog to learn something and not get too tired.

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Professional dog handlers give the following advice:

  • If you want a dog training to be as productive as possible, walk the dog before attending a class; a tired dog will concentrate on training better (if you’re a client of Dog City, we will do it);
  • commands should be changed throughout the lesson – 10 minutes per one;
  • don’t give commands without any breaks – this will make the dog crazy;
  • any command must be repeated once. If you repeat one command several times, the dog will remember to perform a command after the same number of repetitions;
  • it is necessary to change the commands in random succession so that the dog cannot predict the command;
  • don’t overburden the dog – keep an eye on the dog’s behavior so that the training does not harm the pet;
  • you also need to monitor the emotions of the dog – a scared dog makes a bad student;
  • begin the training on a free long leash.

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This list is not complete and does not cover all that you need to know before you start training a dog, but with Dog City you can be sure that your best friend is in the hands of a professional and enjoy the process along with your pet.

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If you have any questions, contact us. Our managers will answer all your questions so that you’ll be sure your dog should definitely be trained at Dog City. Welcome!

Dog training Price
Puppy training UAH 800
Behaiour training UAH 1200
Group training UAH 450




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