Dog City pet boarding center is a high-quality boarding for your dog with guaranteed 24/7 care.

Зоогостиница в Киеве на ВДНХ

Our pet boarding facility is equipped in accordance with the best foreign quality standards. All staff members have received special pet care training.

Dog City offers the highest level of service so that everyone can take full care of his furry friend even being far away.

гостиница для собакотель для собак

Why do you need dog boarding?

Any pet owner might need to be away from home for a certain time and leave the pet unattended. Surely, you can ask your neighbors, friends, or hire someone to look after your dog. But there are certain risks – neighbors or friends often find a million reasons to refuse (this is not always the case, of course), and if you hire someone, you can’t be 100% sure that your pet will be taken care of properly.

This is when a specialized dog boarding facility comes to the rescue.

One of the main activities of Dog City is the specialized boarding for dogs and cats in Kyiv.

Гостиница для животных в Киеве - ВДНХ

We guarantee:

  • your pet’s safety – we have a secured area with video surveillance;
  • an individual approach to each dog, regardless of the breed and size – no two animals are the same, neither are the approaches to them, too;
  • caring and professional attitude of the Dog City staff – the people who work with us are not just employees, they all adore dogs and everything related to them;
  • high-quality and comfortable furniture for pets;
  • special flooring;
  • veterinary support;
  • proper and balanced diet just like at home;
  • games and walks in the fresh air.

передержка собак киев - вднх

We have put in our best efforts to minimize the dog’s stress of being away from the owner. We have spacious well-equipped game rooms, which have everything to keep your dog busy and active for a long time. We all know very well that the dog is only healthy and happy after a good walk, meal and play.

мотель для собак киев

Dog City is more than just another dog boarding in Kyiv – it is a professional team and specially equipped space that can be a second home for your furry family member while you are on vacation, on a business trip, or somewhere else.

Another distinctive feature of our dog boarding is webcam-based surveillance. Each dog owner will get access to special webcams installed around Dog City to be able to watch their pets from anywhere in the world.

We look forward to meeting you and your four-legged friend!

где оставить собаку на передержку киев

If you have any other questions about the Dog City pet boarding, contact us or leave a request on the website. Our managers will contact you and answer all your questions!

IMPORTANT: Dog need to have vaccinations DHPPi + R + L + KC. The administration of the center reserves the right to prohibit admission of the dog.


Dog boardingPrice
1 day stay small dog (up to 5 kg)UAH 650
1 day stay medium dog (up to 20 kg)UAH 750
1 day stay big dog (more than 20 kg)UAH 850
*Day starts counting from the dropping of the dog
Special offer!
7 days and more-5%
14 days and more-10%
Discount for the second same family dog-25%
Puppies under 6 months old-10%




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