Dog City pet center in Kyiv offers high class SPA services for your pets. All pets are welcome!

средства по уходу за питомцем - киев ВДНХ

SPA для собак и кошек в Киеве - ВДНХ

Comprehensive pet health care is not limited to veterinary care and regular vaccinations. It also includes a comprehensive beauty treatment that helps your pets to stay healthy and well-groomed. We care about the health and safety of pets, so we use only natural (‘eco-friendly’) pet care products purchased from specialized stores abroad.

SPA services for dogs:

СПА для животных Киев

  • Bathing;
  • Haircuts and trimming for all types of dog coat;
  • Blow-drying;
  • Teeth brushing;
  • Nail trimming;
  • Eyes and ear canal cleaning;
  • Hair coloring;
  • Brushing and dematting;
  • Special perfumes for animals;
  • Full package of services;
  • Option of self-serve dog washing using our equipment.

салон красоты для собак

салон красоты для животных Киев ВДНХ - удаление камня

If you are in a hurry, but you want your dog to enjoy a full package of SPA services – no problem! You can leave your pet overnight at our dog boarding and pick up your four-legged friend well-groomed, refreshed, walked and happy the next day. We work with dogs of all breeds and sizes.

SPA Services for cats:

салон красоты для котов

Dog City loves cats, too! We provide the full package of SPA services for cats of all breeds, regardless of the size and coat type.

Dog City SPA for cats offers:

  • bathing (washing);
  • brushing;
  • grooming;
  • creative haircut and coloring;
  • professional express blow-drying;
  • teeth brushing and ear cleaning;
  • nail trimming.

We know well how difficult cats and dogs get along with each other in a small space. Therefore, while enjoying SPA treatment, cats and dogs are separated from each other in order not to cause additional stress for them.

New and modern equipment, highly-skilled personnel and sincere love for animals allowed us to achieve the highest level of services provision.

покраска собак и кошек киев - фото

A beautiful and well-groomed pet will not only make you happy, but will also feel comfortable. With us, everyone can experience the world-class level of service. We are happy to welcome you and your pets any time!

If you have any additional questions, just call us or leave a request on the website. Our managers will contact you and consult you on all issues.


SPA servicesTOP GrumerTOP pro grumer
Dogs: All inclusive 
 Smooth coat 
Withers height 
Small (till 25 cm)400450
Medium (till 50 cm)600650
Big (till 75 cm)850900
Giant (from 75 cm)11001150
Long coat 
Small (till 25 cm)500550
Medium (till 50 cm)750800
Big (till 75 cm)10001050
Giant (from 75 cm)19001950

Double coat


Small (till 25 cm)650700
Medium (till 50 cm)850900
Big (till 75 cm)13001350
Giant (from 75 cm)24002450
De-shedding treatment 
Smooth & long coat 
Small (till 25 cm)650700
Medium (till 50 cm)800850
Big (till 75 cm)10001050
Giant (from 75 cm)13001350

Double coat


Small (till 25 cm)850900
Medium (till 50 cm)11001150
Big (till 75 cm)16501700
Giant (from 75 cm)27502800
Extra fee 
Aggressive dog behaviour+ 20% – 30%+ 20% – 30%
Dematting300 UAH/hour400 UAH/hour
Extra services 
Ear cleaning (separately)100100
Nail trim (separately)150150
Anal gland cleaning150150
All inclusive 
Maine coon800900
De-shedding treatment 
Maine coon9001000
Extra fee 
Aggressive cat behaviour+20% – 50%+20% – 50%
Accessibility features 
Partial cutting200250
Brushing without bath300\hour350\hour




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